January 2021 Thrive Life Consultant Promo!

Become a Thrive Life Consultant for just $50! Select our New Start Kit and it's got a few of our favorites so you can try them. You'll get a good idea of how you can use them in your own home, and how easy it could be to share with others.


Fuji Apples
Peach Slices
Red Seedless Grapes


Sweet Corn
Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes


Welcome Letter
First Things First Flyer
Simple, Clean Food Brochure
1 Month Website/Tech Package

*Contents may vary based on inventory, but value will be equal or greater to contents listed here

You can still select our Social Seller Kit for $100 or our Business Builder Kit for $220 and receive even more yummy foods to try! Get started with 1 of our 3 Thrive Life Consultant Kits here.

Thrive Life January New Start Consultant Kit www.JoinThriveLife.com

Do you love food? Of course you do! We ALL do! Most of our day is spent thinking about food.

What we're going to eat, what we need to shop for, how we need to prepare it, what we have on hand, and when we're going to eat it. I know I personally have a love affair with food but the thought of shopping and preparing turns me off. 

Guess what? 

We have a simple solution AND you can earn free food and money doing it!

Become a Thrive Life consultant with Lisa & Rich Jelinek, ID 35253

Get Paid To Share - Become A Thrive Life Consultant www.JoinThriveLife.com

It might sound scary, but it's not. Becoming a Thrive Life consultant is great for just about anyone. Whether you decide to join to buy your own Thrive foods, to help your friends/family get theirs, or to start your own business, we're here to help.

Thrive Life has amazing step by step training and you'll have us and our team to help you with your new business. Don't worry that you have to go out and do a ton of home parties and tastings. Not true! You decide how to run your business. There are lots of ways and if home parties and tastings are your thing, do that too! Who doesn't love to share tasty, simple foods and recipes with friends? You can also choose to have Thrive Life Facebook parties, one on one meetings, market on social media, do events and share any way your heart (or tummy desires). This business is FUN while eating delicious food!


When you become a Thrive Life Consultant, you'll get paid cash for sharing what you love: simple, clean food!

As a Consultant You'll Get:

  • 10-14% of a customer's first month deliveries in commission
  • 10% of a customer's second and third month deliveries in commission
  • 5% of all future deliveries in commission
  • Up to 64% of all starter kit sales in commission
  • Commission on team sales when you rank up

Here's How It Works:

 Register online as a Consultant

 Purchase a starter kit (view all starter kits)

 Keep sharing and earning!

Learn More About Becoming a Consultant >

The Perfect Home Business For Foodies - Thrive Life - www.JoinThriveLife.com

What Are The Perks Of Being A Thrive Life Consultant

  • You get all products at the most discounted price. Who doesn't like to save money?
  • The Starter Kits are a bargain on a lot of great THRIVE foods. Grab the Thrive Life Kit that is best for you.
  • The Getting Started training program guides you step by step through everything you need to know.
  • You get paid 10% commission on every single order you take (outside of deliveries), even your own!
  • Earn free and half off food for yourself and your party hosts.
  • Maintain your personal delivery at $50 of product per month and you stay active.
  • Any amount you order over $50 on your delivery you earn 5% commission on.
  • There are no sales quotas you have to hit, just your $50 delivery order to earn commissions.
  • Get paid commission every month for every customer you have on deliveries.
  • Sell to anyone online using your own consultant web site. (View our Thrive Life website here)
  • Double your commissions on deliveries and consultant kits with the new builder bonus.
  • For each consultant you sign up you receive commission the very next week.
  • Earn over $600 in gifts and credit for building your business in your first 100 days as a Consultant! (View Fast Track)
  • Finish Getting Started Training within 100 days and earn $50 in Thrive Credit!!
  • You can print price lists and order forms online for free.
  • We currently ship Thrive Life products to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Japan.
  • You can win amazing fantasy giveaway trips to places like Costa Rica, Cancun, or Aruba by just sharing Thrive. Do you need free vacation?!?

What Are The Requirements For Being A Thrive Life Consultant

There are only 2 requirements for being a Thrive consultant. That’s right! ONLY 2!

  1. Buy a Starter Kit
  2. Have a $50 per month delivery (before shipping & tax)* (if you are qualified for commissions)

The Starter Kits are an awesome value and even if you never do much with the business, you can always EAT YOUR KIT! It's real food that's easy and convenient to make! Check out what’s included in each one:

Thrive Life Consultant Starter Kits www.HealthyEasyFood.com

**We also have a Meat & Dairy Free Starter Kit available. View the current kits here.

Ready To Get Started?

We would LOVE to have you join our Thrive Life team. Being on our team allows you access to additional training, newsletters, tips, recipes, team Facebook group, and so much more.

  1. To start the sign up process, click here
  2. Click the “JOIN NOW” button
  3. Log-In or create an account
  4. Along the way you may need our consultant information
    Name: Lisa and Rich Jelinek
    Email: azjungle@gmail.com
    Enroller ID: 35253

Become A Thrive Life Consultant To Build A Business

While many people become Thrive Life consultants to save on their own purchases, or help friends and family buy Thrive foods, Thrive Life provides a great business opportunity. You earn money and free Thrive Life food by selling delicious, healthy foods and emergency preparedness products. Thrive Life makes it easy to succeed as a consultant. The foods taste great, are GMO free and gluten free, they have an extensive shelf life (no waste by food going rotten), and we have useful food rotation systems. All that and the addition of powerful online tools and support materials. We've been in direct sales for over 17 years and are here to help.

We look forward to working with you,
Lisa and Rich Jelinek, ID 35253